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The Services You Need at Affordable Prices

For criminal cases, your initial consultation is at no cost to you and with no obligation. If after discussing your case, you desire to hire the Kinnear Law Office, LLC, our approximate fees are:

• Summary Offenses — $500 Minimum Flat Fee
• Misdemeanor 3rd Degree — $1,500 Minimum Flat Fee
• Misdemeanor 2nd Degree — $2,000 Minimum Flat Fee
• Misdemeanor 1st Degree — $2,500 Minimum Flat Fee
• Felony 3rd Degree — $5,000 Minimum Flat Fee
• Felony 2nd Degree — Please Contact for an Estimate
• Felony 1st Degree — Please Contact for an Estimate

Financing is available, including for clients with less than ideal credit. We accept credit cards, as well and offer payment plans. All of the fees listed above are discussed in advance and are considered non-refundable flat fee retainers, which are paid to Kinnear Law Office as consideration for agreeing to representation and assuring future availability in your matter.

The non-refundable "flat fee" retainer will cover all fees associated with this office at the County Court level until final disposition or entry into the ARD program; unless we go to trial. If you decide to take your case to a Jury or Bench Trial, an additional non-refundable trial fee will be required. All flat fee retainers for criminal cases are not refundable under any circumstances and are considered earned in full upon receipt.

Please note in all criminal representation additional costs may be incurred by us in our handling of your matter. These additional costs are out-of-pocket expenses that must be paid by you in advance, and can include such items as Court Reporter Fees, Private Investigators, Court House filing fees, Expert Witness fees, transcript costs, etc. If any of these costs are required, you will receive prior notice and have the option to obtain the same.

Personal Injury & Auto Injury Cases

These cases may be handled on a contingency fee basis—meaning that we aren't paid unless you get a settlement. All cases can also be handled on an hourly basis with a retainer to be held in our escrow account. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

Your Team for Personal Injury in Warren, PA

Fight for the compensation you deserve after a personal injury in Warren, PA, with us on your side. Kinnear Law Office, LLC, proudly serves clients involved in personal injury cases. Whether you were injured in an auto accident or a slip and fall, we are here to assist you throughout the legal process. Our attorneys stand by your side and fight on your behalf.

Going through an event that led to personal injury can be scary, stressful, and expensive. In addition to the high costs of medical care, you are left to deal with lost wages while you are out of work for treatment. Our law office understands the stress you are under, and we are committed to guiding you in your case. 

Schedule a consultation with our attorney to discuss the details of the situation. No matter what injury you have received, you may be entitled a settlement.

Contact us to have the right team on your side for your personal injury case. We represent clients throughout Warren, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.