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Children are often most affected by the outcomes of divorce. If you're a single parent who would struggle to provide adequate care on your income alone, a child support attorney can help in Warren, PA, serving Erie, PA residents. Kinnear Law Office, LLC is committed to offering sound guidance and representation in matters of family law.

Whether you need to obtain a child support order or modify an existing arrangement, you can rely on your dedicated attorney to stand by your side in court. We can help you increase or reduce payments depending on your child's unique needs.

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How is child support calculated in Pennsylvania?

Each state in the U.S. has their own method of calculating and enforcing child support decisions. Factors used to reach a child support settlement in Warren, PA include:

  • The determined custody schedule
  • The number of children involved
  • The monthly after-tax incomes of both parties
  • Additional expenses the parties may incur

Typically, the parent with the larger share of custody time will be awarded with payments but other circumstances may apply. Reach out to Kinnear Law Office, LLC right away to learn more about the details of Pennsylvania family law.