Retaining a Criminal Defense Attorney Is Affordable

We provide quality representation in Warren, Erie, PA and surrounding areas

The difference between walking free and leaving the courtroom in handcuffs could be the way your criminal attorney presents your case. Contact Kinnear Law Office, LLC to talk to a seasoned criminal defense attorney who has a proven track record.

We often handle cases involving crimes against the public, the state or society, even if those crimes were committed against individuals. We charge a minimum flat fee of...

  • $700 for summary offenses
  • $2,500 for misdemeanor third degree offenses
  • $2,500 for misdemeanor second degree offenses
  • $2,500 for misdemeanor first degree offenses
  • $7,000 for felony third degree offenses



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Highlights from our case history

In 2014, two Corry, PA students were charged with summary disorderly conduct after an incident at a high school football game. We fought hard for these students, and the judge acquitted them.

Contact us today to learn how a criminal attorney in Warren, PA will fight just as hard for your rights.