Protect Your Loved One's Best Interests

Hire a guardianship attorney in Erie or Warren, PA

Even if someone can't make their own legal decisions, they still deserve legal assistance. Kinnear Law Office, LLC will partner you with a guardianship attorney to help your loved one get the care they need. We understand the legal process and can help you protect the personal, medical and financial interests of your loved one.

Discuss your situation with a family law attorney when you contact us now. We provide services in the Erie and Warren, PA areas.

Who we represent

There are many reasons to seek a guardianship attorney. Kinnear Law Office represents clients in cases involving...

  • Children who are unable to be cared for by their parents
  • Elderly individuals who are deemed incompetent
  • Minors whose parents are going through a divorce or abuse allegations

Our family law attorney treats every case with care and compassion. You'll rest easier knowing you're in a position to care for your loved one.

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